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UP-TIGHT/Mama Baer

(DVR-HGA9 : split LP)

Etude In Black I - IV

​Mama Baer
Seelennebel-brut I-II

2013年。アバンギャルドアーティストMama BaerとのSPLIT LP。Domestic Violence Recordinds(Germany)からのリリース。
A split LP that brings together the Germany-based avant-garde sound/performance artist Mama Baer and the Tokyo-based psych outfit Up Tight, with Aoki Tomoyuki on guitar, Ogaata Takashi on bass, and Shirahata Takashi on drums and piano. The Up Tight side opens up by gently pulling you in but that's a false sense of insecurity, or the lull before the storm, because the tension quickly picks-up with bursts of adrenalin-soaked psych assaults that reverberate in clouds of fuzz. Recorded at ABU Studio in Hamamatsu, Japan, in April 2012, the Up Tight set also includes some fine moves on piano and bass that feels like we're in the midst of a free-jazz-set but those chops give way to the oncoming juggernaut of a full-on psych ritual with Tomoyuki's guitar and Takashi's drumming spilling over the edges in ways that'll flood your mind, body, and soul. The Mama Baer side, Seelennebel-brut I-II, is a much more minimalist affair throughout but it's every bit as captivating, with the artist using flute, microphones, voice, and tapes in ways that remind me of Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides or even Philip Corner. The sheer quality of both sides and the contrasting forms/styles make this a very fine record indeed. Privately released on Mama Baer and Kommissar Hjuler’s own label under catalogue number DVR-HGA9 and in a numbered edition of 177 copies, with paste-on artwork of a deviant nature.
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