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Live the Lucrezoa

Day Dream Believer
Cool Eyes
Morning Never Come
Sweet Sister
2008年LAST VISBLE DOG(US)らのリリース。
2007年8月浜松「LUCREZIA」でのスタジオライブを4曲収録(収録時間 51:55")

"52-minute DVD (all region, all format) of Up-Tight playing at their best. Incredible sound quality, the video is close-up and personal. Unless you have been lucky enough to catch this tremendous live band on tour, this is the only way you are going to experience the real thing! Black-clad and with an ominous aura created by their distorted guitar epics, burnt-out ballads and raucous mantric jams, Up-Tight are seriously not to be messed with. Heading up the second generation of Japanese psychedelic rock acts (following on from Fushitsusha, Kosokuya and Shizuka) theyre one of the best live groups in Japan. As you might expect from their name, theres a chiselled intensity to their playing which displays some startling post-Velvets stances. With the power to lay down spontaneously loose, acid-fried and drugged garage psych jams of hypnotic guitar squall, and a line of impassioned and fathomless vocals that are capable of kicking you right in the gut, Up-Tight have a mesmeric feel to them, unmatched by any peers." 2-sided DVD that is both NTSC & PAL compatible."-Last Visible Dog(US)

"Up-Tight are one of the most mind-blowing live groups to come out of the contemporary Japanese underground, extending their blasted post-Rallizes guitar scorchers and Velvets-styled ballads well into the bliss zone with endless guitar soloing, languid blues busting and feedback/amplifier jams. This multi-camera, professionally filmed live show is an absolute beauty, with a heavy light show and some inspired post-production giving the performance a classic Exploding Plastic Inevitable feel and some up-close filming that cuts straight to the heart of the action. Aoki Tomoyuki is an amazing frontman, with a cigarette slung from his lip and wraparound raybans while he tears incredible, post-Miuztani bombs of wail from his six strings. The track choice is primo too, with long versions of "Day Dream Believer", "Cool Eyes", "Never Come Morning"? and "Sweet Sister". There's a title menu that allows you to jump to specific tracks and the disc is region 0 and both PAL and NTSC compatible. Recommended.".- Volcanic Tongue(UK)
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