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Hall Of Mirrors


2004年。アメリカのレーベルよりリリースされたコンピレーション。サイケデリックをキーワードに各国のバンドが収録。UP-TIGHTは2001年に録音された「SWEET SISTER TAKE4」にて参加。

Why in heavens does the world need another modern space / psych-rock compilation? Haven't there been enough that look great on the outside but are filled with leftover-sounding, gently floating, meditational, atmospheric shite of which Shirley MacLaine would approve? Welcome to the Reign in Blood of modern space / psych rock compilations. Hall of Mirrors celebrates the state of the cosmic world and the coming apocalypse with two CDs of the most spine-rotting rock from several continents. Dreaming of a world with no Bushes or Biafras, these bands keep the volume high, the fuzz primarily on and their brains off. With culprits like Japan's Acid Mothers Temple, Bardo Pond, Finland's Circle, Kinski, and Sub- Arachnoid Space involved, you know this won't be a gentle ride. Other artists include DMBQ, Overhang Party, and Up- Tight, all from Japan. Add in other maniacs like Vocokesh, Tarantula Hawk, ST 37, Fuzzhead, Gravitar, and Farflung, and you're set for life.
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